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1 March 01, 2016

Articles and Statements

1. Alexander Fedorov
Political Engagement: Hermeneutical Analysis of Soviet Films about Yaroslav Galan

Russian Journal of Political Studies, 2016, Vol. (3), Is. 1, pp. 4-8.
DOI: 10.13187/rjps.2016.3.4CrossRef

This article gives the way for hermeneutic analysis of cultural context - the study of the process of interpretation of media texts, cultural and historical factors influencing the views of the agency / author on the media text. The hermeneutical analysis suggests media text comprehension through comparison with historical, cultural tradition and reality; penetration of its logic; through comparison of media images in historical and cultural context by combining historical, hermeneutical analysis of the structural, plot, ethical, ideological, iconographic / visual, media stereotypes and analysis of media text characters. Example of this hermeneutic analysis of cultural context is analysis the media texts about the life of famous publicist Yaroslav Galan (1902-1949). An analysis of this kind of media texts, in our opinion, is particularly important for media literacy education of future historians, culture and art historians, sociologists, linguists, psychologists and educators.

URL: http://www.ejournal31.com/journals_n/1468409576.pdf
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2. Andrius R. Malinauskas
The Limitations of Post-National Citizenship. The Case of European Union

Russian Journal of Political Studies, 2016, Vol. (3), Is. 1, pp. 9-17.
DOI: 10.13187/rjps.2016.3.9CrossRef

This paper takes a critical look towards burgeoning studies of post-national citizenship. Contrary to the spreading optimism that post-national citizenship might complement or even supersede national citizenship, this paper argues that such hopes were premature and misleading, based on the idealist understanding of the world and ignoring the contemporary realities. Taking the EU as an example, practical and ideological problems and difficulties are identified which highlight concrete limitations of post-national citizenship.

URL: http://www.ejournal31.com/journals_n/1468409656.pdf
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3. Alexey Y. Mamychev, Zou Li Hui
Social-Cultural Principles and Directions of Development of Modern Russian Foreign Policy: Global and Regional Priorities

Russian Journal of Political Studies, 2016, Vol. (3), Is. 1, pp. 18-26.
DOI: 10.13187/rjps.2016.3.18CrossRef

The article analyzes the principles and directions of development of modern Russian foreign policy, as well as systematized and interpreted the different approaches to the understanding and interpretation of the "balance of power" in the inter-state cooperation, representing a certain geopolitical outlook and theory of international politics. It is proved that cultural and civilizational approach to the justification of the modern public-powerful interaction allows the XXI century orient foreign policy on stability and democracy in international political communication, and the power of the state viewed as a potential and actual government's ability to independently and determine goals and objectives development of the national political and legal space, "dialogical" to participate in the international legal and policy on equal terms to serve as one of the "architects" of the international security system.

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