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2 September 01, 2016

Articles and Statements

1. Susanna D. Bagdasaryan, Svetlana V. Petrova
The Foreign Policy Line of Russia on Georgian-Abkhaz Direction and it’s Diplomatic Security in 1999-2008

Russian Journal of Political Studies, 2016, Vol. (4), Is. 2, pp. 30-38.
DOI: 10.13187/rjps.2016.4.30CrossRef

This article discusses the issues of inter-state relations Russian-Abkhazian on stage 1999–2008, during which was prepared the basis for modern political processes in the region. Particularly analyzed the events of August 2008, during which Russia had helped defend the independence of Abkhazia during the confrontation with Georgia and created the conditions for the emergence of the modern Abkhaz statehood.

URL: http://www.ejournal31.com/journals_n/1470140797.pdf
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2. Vadim V. Bzhaniya, Pelageya I. Kvacheva
Attempts of Building Statehood of the Republic of Abkhazia in 1999–2008

Russian Journal of Political Studies, 2016, Vol. (4), Is. 2, pp. 39-44.
DOI: 10.13187/rjps.2016.4.39CrossRef

The article deals with the question of statehood building Republic of Abkhazia on stage 1999–2008, in which the principles were formed the modern Abkhaz State. Particularly examines the relations between Russia and Abkhazia, during which able to create conditions for further independence.

URL: http://www.ejournal31.com/journals_n/1470140846.pdf
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3. Guram O. Darakchyan
The Effect of Destabilization of the Regional Ethno-Political Situation on the Holding of International Events in the North Caucasus

Russian Journal of Political Studies, 2016, Vol. (4), Is. 2, pp. 45-49.
DOI: 10.13187/rjps.2016.4.45CrossRef

The holding of important international events in Russia including sports stimulate the comprehensive development of regions, improve the state's image in the international arena, however, there are a number of risks which could and may in the future to prevent the holding of significant events in Russia and the Caucasus in particular.

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