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Issued from 2015.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Andrius R. Malinauskas[Lithuania]Turkey’s Foreign Policy Preferences and the Impact of First Direct Presidential Elections2015, June2354
2Dmitriy V. Galushko[Russia]To the Issue of Harmonization of the EU Criminal Law2015, June2330
3Yulia Sorokina[Russia]To the Problem of Legal Terminology2015, April2236
4Yakov Palamarchuk[Russia]Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to the Understanding of the Administrative Reform in the Russian Federation at the Present Stage2015, April2190
5Guram Darakchyan[Russia], Petrova Svetlana[Russia]Formation of Ethnopolitical Culture Among Young People in the Caucasus Through the Features of Civilization2015, April2140
6Pavel N. Biriukov[Russia]On the Monitoring of Political Financing in France2015, April2095
7full nomer2015, June2062
8Svetlana Petrova[Russia], Maria Petrova[Russia]The Conditionality of Political Processes by the Ethno-cultural Components2015, April2054
9Sergey Kislitsyn[Russia]Eurasian Prospects for Integration in the Post-Soviet Area2015, April2048
10Denis Molodchy[Russia]Kuban Cossack Movement in the Implementation of the Civil Identification Projects2015, June2039

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